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The word Dynamic means:

Any force that stimulates a change or progress in a system or process. The body moves through space in all plains of motion which makes the body move in a dynamic range of motion depending on the force the body receives. This is characterized by constant change, activity, and progress in our environment.

This is how our bodies react to our environment and the brain must recruit muscles to perform to a reaction. Depending on the dominate gait pattern you start to develop imbalances in your movement patterns which can cause your muscles to over work and get tight. We use massage therapy to encourage the body’s natural healing capabilities, improve soft tissue mobility and increase blood flow. The re-education of dynamic movement is the key of locking in proper muscle recruitment and getting the body to move in our environment without the fear of pain or injury.

The reason why DTM focuses so much on movement, is because it’s the one key to living a longer, healthier lifestyle. If you move better, you feel better, and continual movement as you age supports living longer healthier life.

One way to start improving your condition and reducing pain right now? Getting involved with your DTM appointments, which will show you how by improving your movement patterns will improve your mind body connection and how your body moves. During appointments we feed the brain information by giving it an outside force to prompt your body to react by using muscles that have not been working. This method also targets the tight muscles which have been causing you’re discomfort; We use movement and massage to loosen these muscles.

Studies have shown that people who do not move well or move often, have a shorter life span. Our brain’s number one job is survival. It will do whatever it takes to move and thrive to survive.

If that is too much movement for you and looking to relax after a long day, DTM can also provide you that little down time to relax with a massage.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years we have developed a passion for helping our clients receive the results that matter most to them. Therefore, we adopted different modalities to help both athletes and non-athletes achieve their performance goals while significantly increasing their range of motion.

Increase Dynamic Movement 95%
Dynamic Movement 95%
Improving Strength Posture and Balance 95%