Joe Stibolt

Joe Stibolt

Founder, Pain Relief Expert and Sports Massage Therapist


Six 57 Mobility (Six57m) was founded by Joe Stibolt. Who has dedicated his career to over 20 continued education courses and counting. Over the past ten years he has developed a dynamic sports massage. A manual & movement, and injury prevention therapy. While Joe has worked with semi-pro football players and other highly trained athletes (and still do), you don’t have to be an Olympic level athlete to benefit from his services. Joe‘s definition of an athlete is anyone who can move. Along with Joe‘s massage certification, Joe understands the whole mind body connection, to work with you to first discover and then begin addressing your acute or chronic pain and/or range of motion issues, as part of a preventive health sports massage regimen.


Your body is like a house in order for it to with stand the elements that mother nature puts it through you have to keep it maintained and is built on a solid foundation.

Your body is like a computerized machine, it only knows what it is programmed to do. In order to change its function we need to reprogram it’s software.

Expertise and Special Training:

  • Myokinesthetic System Lower body 20 hrs July 7-8 2012
  • Myokinesthetic System Upper body 20 hrs September 7-8 2013
  • Kinesiology Taping Redefined: Facial movement Taping Level 1 3/31/16
  • Functional Movement Techniques Series: FMT Blades 10/28/16
  • Functional Movement Techniques Series: FMT Performance 12/2/16
  • Russian Medical Massage for Migraines and Headaches 11/18/06 11/19/06
  • Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation 9/29/15
  • Managing Lumbopelvic Hip Complex Disorders: Combining Movement, Taping, and Manual Therapy to Release pain Locally and Globally 5/27/16
  • MPS Ultimate Pain Therapy: Sep. 20-21 2014
  • MPS Scar Release Therapy: 12/5/15
  • Sports Massage/Acu Cupping: 3/22/09
  • Deep Tissue Techniques for Sports Massage: 11/8/09



Range of Motion (ROM)
Acu Cupping & Kiniseo Taping
Sports Massage, Posture & Balance