Our Services

Our Services

Manual Therapy 60 min

• Manual Therapy is a hands on therapy while working directly with the musculoskeletal system focusing on full body connections. This is a passive and active session.

All Inclusive Manual Therapy 90 min

• Manual Therapy techniques like cupping, soft tissue mobilization, and actively working directly with the musculoskeletal and central nerves system by targeting some of the root causes of pain and includes mobility training.

Six57 Mobility Training (DVRT System) 45 min

• Improve mobility by breaking down body movements to retrain the proper musculoskeletal system while strengthening the body in all plains of motion. A great way to maximize movement, and reduce pain.

Six 57 Mobility Assessment 60 min

• We assess your current mobility by looking how you move in all plains of motion. During this time we do a hands on assessment to check mobility as well. Then we customize a mobility wellness program for you.

Six 57 Mobility

You have 650 Muscles to maintain 7 movement patterns. We help you improve your speed, muscle strength, and endurance to improve your mobility to reduce your pain.

Reduce Energy Leaks

Feel better, move better by getting your youth back. We locate the energy leaks in your system and correct them to build stronger movement patterns and increase strength.

Reduce Chronic Pain

People who have chronic pain headaches or migraines have experienced reduced pain and less headaches and migraines after improving their mobility.